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Stephanie Masek, M.S., CCC-SLP received her Bachelor of Arts from Simmons College and a Masters Degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of the District of Columbia.

She is a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA), holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence, and is licensed in the state of California.

Stephanie has worked in schools, private practices, skilled rehabilitation facilities, and in hospital settings. During her time in a Maryland hospital, Stephanie implemented a pediatric speech therapy program to address the needs of the community.

She recently moved from Silver Spring, MD back to Pasadena, CA.


Jabberdogs started in September 2013 with the goal of offering quality individual speech therapy, while also nurturing a trusting relationship with clients and their families. The inspiration for the name Jabberdogs stemmed from Stephanie's love for her rescue dogs, Kiwi and Milo, and the positive impact they had on her clients.


When Jabberdogs first started out, Kiwi and Milo were an integral part of Stephanie's home office, as they greeted each client at the door and sat through our sessions. Many children (and even adults) who were initially afraid of dogs actually grew to love spending time with Kiwi and Milo, and their fear of dogs dissipated. Now that they are no longer able to join us in our new office, they are onto their next adventures of chasing squirrels and entertaining Stephanie's growing family.

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Jabberdogs offers private speech and language therapy in Pasadena and San Marino, CA. We specialize in the following areas:

  • aphasia
  • apraxia
  • articulation
  • auditory processing disorder
  • augmentative and alternative communication devices
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • cognitive and communication disorders
  • disfluency / stuttering
  • dysarthria
  • executive functioning
  • expressive and receptive language delays/disorders
  • pragmatic language
  • traumatic brain injury

Insurance: We currently accept:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Kaiser Permanente

For clients with other insurance plans, Jabberdogs will offer claims assistance by providing reports, therapy insurance codes, etc.


"I chose Stephanie to provide speech and language therapy for my twelve-year old son because it was apparent the first time I met her that not only is she knowledgeable and capable, but she cares. My son has extensive language based learning disabilities that impact him both academically and socially-emotionally. He has been receiving speech and language therapy since he was seven, but the quality of the speech-language therapy Stephanie has provided far surpasses the services my son received at his highly credentialed private school specializing in language bases learning disabilities. It takes not only credentials, but someone who cares. Stephanie possesses both of these characteristics. She came to our initial meeting having a strong understanding and appreciation for my son’s needs. She took the time to thoroughly read my son’s previous Speech and Language Evaluation, and has implemented its recommendations, capitalizing on his strengths to help him learn and feel successful. For each session, I receive a report that provides goals/objectives with an assessment of what was achieved. Stephanie has been providing speech-language therapy three times per week since April. We will be increasing this to five times per week once her schedule permits. Because she cares, my son trusts her and enjoys his sessions. I consider her part of the village that is helping me to educate and raise my son."


"Ms. Masek has worked with us for the past year supporting students with speech therapy needs. She began her work with us by conducting screenings for articulation and pragmatics for 34 students. These screenings proved informative, insightful and useful in obtaining speech services for a number of students.

Over the course of the year, Ms. Masek worked with 4 students on articulation, providing group sessions on site. These four students progressed admirably and were quite fond of working with Ms. Masek, gaining an independence and confidence in speaking and sharing during class time and play with their peers.

Professionally, Ms. Masek was reliable and consistent in meeting her obligations. Parents reported that her instructions for home support were helpful and easily followed through with once home. Again, the students looked forward to their work sessions with her. This is important to note as children working on articulation are sometimes frustrated with focusing on something they may feel a sensitivity towards. All four of the children embraced the work set out for them. It was a pleasure working with her and we hope to continue the relationship moving forward as it was a positive experience for all involved."

--Lesley Romanoff, Director/Head Teacher, Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School

"My daughter is a 17 year-old who struggles with oral expression and executive functioning. Writing has been particularly difficult for her. There were periods in middle school where she would stare at the computer screen for an hour unable to begin her essay. It was painful to watch.

Teens can be reluctant to work with therapists and quite predictably she was initially uncertain about meeting you. From the first session, however, she was very comfortable and not at all hesitant about sharing her school-related difficulties. You and her have formed a strong bond. She has attended each session willingly and, many times, clearly been relieved that she would be able to meet with you prior to an assignment due date. As a parent, I appreciate how open you’ve been about discussing various approaches and have reviewed the many materials and thoughts I sent your way!

I asked her to provide a summary of your sessions together. She wrote the following:

'Stephanie has helped me organize my writing. We've practiced mind mapping, a type of note-taking strategy, where we created charts and diagrams containing my thoughts and ideas for English essays assigned by my AP Language and Composition teacher. Through mind mapping, I first was able to record my ideas in visual form. From this, Stephanie helped me connect my ideas to create an outline for my English essays. Stephanie would also read short stories to me. As I listened, I would create a mind map. Mind mapping is helpful to me because it allows me to look at my notes to find the main idea and key points of a story. This has helped me separate the main idea from details. Before working with Stephanie, my topic sentence in essays would actually be details rather than a central idea. Organizing my thoughts through mind mapping has allowed me to get better grades on my English essays. I have gone from getting Cs and Ds to Bs and Cs.

Stephanie has also worked with me on speaking and presenting . After making a mind mapping chart, I go over my notes then provide a summary of what I have written. Having to verbally share my notes has allowed me to be more organized to ensure that what I am saying makes sense and is in a logical order. Because of this I have gained more confidence in my speaking abilities.'

Very simply, she does seem prouder of herself."


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